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What We Offer - SoluTree Marketing Services

Digital Marketing

To make a mark in the populated industry, we offer digital marketing solutions which are the best of its kind. It is term which encompasses a range of activities which become possible with the use of internet. Several forms of digital technologies also constitute a part of this term.

SoluTree is excited about each and every project handled by them. The smart customer of today has become gadget friendly which has acquainted them with the technology too. The activities which forms a large part of digital marketing services:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
  • Content Automation
  • PPC Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing

We provide services and design all such areas with precision.

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Content Marketing

In the field of marketing content is considered to the king. Content plays an instrumental role in designing and redesigning the projects to the core. Solutree takes this aspect very seriously and thus employs the best professionals in the industry who can churn the words and make content which is power packed to deliver desired results.

Content digitalization offered by the company is par excellence. Content plays a major role in website designing and social networking sites. It is also an important area of speculation for the SEO generation. Blogs also play a dominant role in achieving high traffic for the websites. We in SoluTree have an efficient team to service the clients with impressive results.

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Email Marketing

Email marketing as the word suggests is ending out of mail via internet called electronic mail to a group of potential customers. This is a widespread medium which is used for creating awareness among the audience. The audience may turn out to be the target audience with the help of such a tool. SoluTree helps the client to recognize their potential market and thus send emails which aids the process of brand positioning and image building. We help them with the required data base which is finally utilized to send the emails. The process turns out to be very effective for start ups.

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Search Engine Optimization

The search engine pads like yahoo, Google and Bing features the best websites, videos or images in their high ranking pages. To become a face in the crowd, the companies are trying to outdo each others in this field. This is where Solutree can offer best services in designing the website in the most optimum way which can ensure featuring in the search engine result pages (SERP). The search engines do not consider this to be a paid activity. It is dependent upon organic results. But keywords and content are the two pillars of determining the presence in the SERP. SoluTree offers best services in this regard.

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Social Media Marketing

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Youtube
  • Instagram

These are all social networking sites which fall in the category of social media marketing. The customer of the internet age spends considerable time surfing the web for various reasons. So why not market the products and services in the place where you can find your potential customers? Exactly. Explore the possibilities to promote the products and services in these sites with the expertise and experience provided by the talented team of professionals in SoluTree. We know the significance of your image and thus provide a platform where you can display your best ideas and services.

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Pay Per Click Marketing

SoluTree was perceived with the idea to provide the clients with their marketing needs specially internet marketing requirements. The various tools used in this segment are offered by us in the best of quality. Pay Per Click or PPC marketing is one such important aspect of internet marketing in which the client can place their ads in the websites and have to pay a fee to the search engine channel each time they get a click. In this case the client is provided with the productive PPC campaigns which can earn clicks for them and result in attracting traffic to their websites. This kind of lead generation can also result in actual sales.

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E-Commerce Company in Gurgaon

Solutree is a one stop solution to clients who are considering building an ecommerce website. We provide the highest level of expertise in the following areas; ecommerce web design, usability, ecommerce marketing, ecommerce business planning & delivering.

E-commerce website Design differ from content and data based websites. These websites need special coding and designing aspect. They should be easy to navigate and easy to download. The designing aspect of an e-commerce website should be such that the listing of products and payment gateway load easily without any broken links. The load time of these website should be very minimal and should be easy to navigate through various products.

Get your Optimised E-Commerce Website Today

  • Get Complete Ownership
  • Make unlimited categories and Unlimited products
  • Easy Shopping cart solutions
  • Ready Internet invoicing
  • Integrated customer relationship management systems
  • Payment Gateway integration to accept online payments

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