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It is the most interesting element of graphic design as the perfect combination of colors can help your message stand out and to evoke powerful emotions in the mind of customers. You must ensure that there is no difference between the color on your computer display and on paper so it is highly recommended to use swatches to get desired color results in printing.

Website design


A website with mere text looks boring and dull so very difficult for a visitor to stay longer. Images are the first thing visitor notice on a website thus Images are generally used to create a long lasting impression, as memorizing an image is much easier than retaining long text in your mind. With colorful graphics, any message looks enticing and able to bring in attention of more people.

Website design


The best about this element is that they are most flexible tool to use. They are used to create different patterns & layouts. For instance- lines are used to create different forms, to divide space between two separate contents, to establish a frame for the message. Manipulation of shapes is much easier than any other tool.

Website design


In graphic design, the task is not just to place some text at any random place but also to understand the meaning of every word you place to create an effective message. Choice of fonts, size, color, spacing are all equally important decisions to be taken with utmost consideration.

With the trend of digitalization spurring in the market, the art of graphic web design has also adopted a digital approach. It is not just confined to publications to create an identity of the brand but designing a logo or web design also comes under this art. There is no predefined set of graphic designs a company can use but new designs and ideas can rise every second by experimenting with various tools and methods of it. Whatever mode they follow, end result should be a meaning message to be delivered to the customers.

Most of the people do wonder for the need of graphic design and spending hours on it when a message can be delivered through oral approaches. Communication is the key purpose of graphic design. It focuses on how effective your message has been delivered to your customers. To create a long lasting impression in the minds of customers, there is a sheer need of this trend to stay ahead in the business world and gain a competitive advantage. A single approach can’t be adopted to deliver a message but printed advertisements and personalized visual messages are must to impact your audience in a positive way. More your products look attractive, more it gets chances to bring in visitors to your business. More visitors means more potential customers thus also increase the chances of high sales and revenue.

Have a message or a product you want people to notice. SoluTree Tech Labs is there to help you design a message using combination of various text, illustrations, symbols, photography, textures, and colors for a huge variety of clients. Our graphic designers team brings the best execution of latest technology with all elements of graphic design to make your work looks best. We adopt a structured approach to design either type of message.

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Graphic design is the art of projecting your ideas with the medium of visual and textual content. It may be in the form of images or text or videos or some sort of animations. Professional Graphic Design is very much in trend and applicable in all kind of fields whether it is educational or cultural or political or commercial. It helps your work look visually striking to your clients and the work, which is easy to recognized get hold on customer’s minds for a much longer time. Graphic designers combine various words, symbols and images to create a visual design representation of ideas and messages Some common categories of graphic design include logo design, print advertisements, publication of journals and magazines.