Website Is One Of The Main Components To Reflect Company’s Brand Image Online

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visual content digital marketing
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Website Is One Of The Main Components To Reflect Company’s Brand Image Online

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Brand imaging has been playing an instrumental role in the success of the company. But brand alone cannot highlight the image building. Marketing plays an essential role too. The turn of the millennium witnessed a world of changes in the field of marketing. These changes came into existence primarily because of the launch of the internet. Since then there has been no looking back.

The fast forward world has encouraged the growth of online marketing tools. Website creation is one of them. But website alone cannot guarantee brand image of a company. It is a package deal. Many features and factors are responsible to make a website stunning and interesting which can generate and accelerate the brand image.

Web presence is essential in this world of technology. Every business is recognized with web presence. The power of the internet is immense and thus it cannot be overlooked. Some handy and useful tips to enhance brand building through a website.

  • Logo: When we think of any brand, the first thing which appears in our mind is the logo of the brand. This plays an essential role as sometimes the name also is required to be mentioned because the logo itself generates the brand image and recognition among customers. The website is incomplete if the company or brand logo is not included in the website. It is an important part and parcel of a well designed website designed with the motive of generating brand consciousness among target audience.
  • Content: Give content to the website which is meaningful and has relevance with the target audience. Do not go overboard with the content. Be realistic and play with words which can hit the heart of the customer and give them reasons to come back. Be precise and add value to your statements with photos and real life experiences. This makes the website approach authentic and anything which is original strikes a chord with the public.
    Content is also a prop which can ensure the website optimized SEO. This will bring credibility to the website.
  • The action text in the website should be clear and precise so that the customer can understand and take action by clicking on the statements like, “Download Now” or “Click to Continue”. These are action icons and should be at the most highlighted part of the page so that the audience may not miss it. The website developer should take care of such tips and design the site accordingly.
  • Be careful about the fonts and colors used in the website. This may sound a bit off the topic but in reality, it matters. A website dealing with recycling or reusing may not use black or brown as backdrop colors. It will prefer green and blues as its obvious choice because these color schemes support the topic. So the colors should be corresponding the brand and the topic to create the brand image of the company.
  • Now comes the most important part. Since the visual part is over, the more dynamic part is yet to come. The loading of the website should not be quick. 45% of the traffic abandons a site which takes more than 5 seconds to download.
  • Any website which is not responsive enough to open in the smart phone is instantly ignored by the internet surfer. The web customers are very impatient and thus these things have to be kept in mind when the website is being developed. It should be a responsive website which can open in any screen.
  • 70% of the American websites are using videos and voice tones to communicate with their customers. This adds personal touch to the website and the customers feels that the brand is very credible. Moreover the demo videos also add a touch of credibility to the brand and the image building follows.
  • The testimonials in the websites are other massive tools which can help in the image building of a brand. It is particularly seen in the health care websites where the customers reviews and experiences which have been shred act as a catalyst in brand and image building;

Thus the website can turn out to be superb one when it is designed keeping the above mentioned tips in view. A good website is bound to generate traffic and build the image of the brand.

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