Marketing : Offline Is Useful However Online Is Important

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Marketing : Offline Is Useful However Online Is Important

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Marketing is a blend and mix of activities which can generate sale of goods or services in the desired direction. We have reached a stage where there is plethora of business promotion methods and it has become difficult to chose the appropriate one. With the launch of Internet, marketing concepts have acquired a new dimension. Offline marketing has been prevalent since a long time and he helped to achieve the required results for small and big enterprises. Online Marketing though comparatively newer than offline has made its base strong in the industry.

Technically speaking, it is difficult to say which is better. Both have found its place on the industry and are used for promotional activities. Internet Marketing has evolved in a proper and refined way which has been recognized by the masses. Some organizations are able to strike a balance between both Offline and Online Marketing and hence ate planning their strategies accordingly.

Tools of Offline Marketing :

  • Print Advertising
  • Newspaper and Magazine Inserts
  • Tele Sales
  • Direct Marketing
  • Events
  • Doorstep Selling
  • TV Advertisements
  • Word Of Mouth

These are all activities which are prevalent sans Internet. With the use of such tools, marketing has long been developed by companies to suit their requirements.

An overview of the Online marketing tools

These have become the trends which are being followed by companies and individuals in the industry to generate their business statistics in a desirable way.

Most of the companies have come to a conclusion that it is difficult to disintegrate both and establish a fact about the superiority or utility of a particular tool. The fact is that when combined together for promotion of business activities, it can generate the ideal results. It is essential to move with an open mind and understand the importance of both the forms. The fact is that organizations need multiple advertising and marketing strategies to obtain potential results.

The customer of today has gone very smart and turn to the Internet to search and get informed about a lot of things. A simple example to support this statement is the popularity of online shopping which has given a new horizon to the term shopping. Customers like to surf online for better deals and variety which they are unable to find in the market at times. Moreover the convenience of shopping sitting at the comfort of home or work place also cannot be denied. Hence sellers who think that online promotion of their product is a “sheer waste of time” need to rethink about the whole concept.

One very important point which needs to be highlighted in this context. Whether you sell online or not, is irrespective of the fact that online presence in the form of a website is a must keeping in view that we live in the Internet age.

How can offline and online marketing tools combined?

  • Mentioning the web address in the offline means of communication is an effective means of using both to get the desired results. Promotion the social media presence on the print mediums of marketing is a common feature .
  • In store events can be brought to light online by connecting through Twitter, You Tube or Facebook.
  • Using hash tags on offline ads which helped the customers to connect with you online using the offline channels.
  • TV and Internet are closely connected. Any commercial which is launched on television is found surfing by the customers within minutes over the Internet.
  • Individuals and organizations request their prospects through offline tools to “Like” their Facebook page. This is a very common activity which helps to increase online traffic.

Another simple reason to go online is the fact that customers are mostly found online which makes online activity obvious. The smartest way is to combine offline to online (O2O). People are accepting this formula as their success mantra. Online activities are you undoubtedly becoming popular and companies are using online methods and analytics to measure their strategies. These prove the worth of their online activity and measures can be adopted to make effective change and combine both the O2O tools to get optimized results.

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