Latest Trends Of Digital Marketing and Public Relations

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August 23, 2016

Latest Trends Of Digital Marketing and Public Relations


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Both the terms marketing and public relations are commonly used in the field of advertising. Both have their own space and importance in the promotion of goods and services. Marketing is the process which aids in the transfer of goods and services from the provider to the target audience. It is a direct medium of communication. Public Relations on the other hand as the term suggests is about image building of the company and promoting relations within and outside the organization.

Though there is thin line which can differentiate between the two, the latest social networking sites have almost started considering the two as similar. But in functionality, both are different. Some points to support the statement.

  • In simple terms, the focus of both the terms are very different. Marketing focuses on goods and services. PR is focused on building relationships. This is the base and core difference which even the management students are taught. Both the terms are synonym with management concepts and widely used terminology too.
  • Though both are management functions, yet these are equipped to serve different purposes. Management has a different impact which is reflected in the sale of goods and services. PR indirectly helps the organization ‘s achievement of goals and objectives.
  • Now cones the target audience. The audience of marketing efforts are seen whether is a communication between the consumer and the producer. These are the two important roles in the field of marketing. The marketing efforts are fruitful when the movement of goods and services between the two parties is continuous and consistent. PR on the other hand is the promotion of relationships with stakeholders, media, employees, customers investors, political leaders, trade analysts etc. The relationships build with them who are the target audience in this sphere contributes in the realization of the goals of the organization.
  • The strategies of any organization gets a lift with the help of PR activities. Technically speaking, marketing does not cover this aspect.
  • Several tools are involved in the process of marketing. The tools are paid like media channels are used for advertising the products for sale. PR on the other hand involves the organizing of several activities like PR releases and PR meets.

No matter what the difference are, the benefits of both the platforms cannot be overlooked. Both the strategies can ne employed intelligently to get desirable results.

The latest trend in the industry is to co relate the basics of both PR and marketing and then squeeze most efficient results for the clients. Both the lines a have become inter dependent in this regard.

The complexity of modern marketing will continue because it is very difficult to comment that a particular type of function would be a apt or enough for carrying out the message communication. The smart consumer of the recent day is tech savvy and hence always on the mobile for completion of tasks. So the importance of promotion using the Internet and its tools as an effective means of promotion cannot be surpassed.

Several companies are making their PR strong and involving the tools of marketing to get maximized effect. The end result of marketing effort is a sale. The end result of PR activity is the formation of a relationship which impacts the sale of goods or services. In the case of marketing, the impact is seen and felt because it is direct but in the case of PR, the result is indirect.

Brand awareness and relations with other components is reinvented with the effect of PR. In today’s scenario, where the industry is witnessing the rise of new companies every now and then, start ups need to involves PR as the most effective tool for brand positioning in the market. The mix of digital marketing and PR is considered to be the best amalgamation of tools for B2B progress in the recent years.

The government agencies in earlier times were completely dependent upon the PR activities. But the trend has taken a 360 degree turn in the recent years. The government agencies are also seen communicating witty target audience using the means of social media marketing and advertising their services. It is all a mish mash of ideas and technology which has brought both the functions Marketing and PR under one umbrella.

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