Avoid Mistakes Before Website Migration

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August 8, 2016
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Avoid Mistakes Before Website Migration

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The reason for migration of a website can be varied but two are the most important ones.

  • Potential traffic loss
  • Revenue loss

The world is not an ideal place where we live in. hence the constant requirement to be better, drives the whole world to make changes and finally settle for the self examined ideal situation. While the migration is bound to happen, there are few things which the website owner and developer should evaluate so that the mistake or miscalculation is avoided.

Following are the things to remember and sort before migrating a website:

  • Take care that every content follows you and nothing is left out
  • Redirection of every URL is important
  • Use the pre and the post launch plans properly
  • Optimum utilization of the tools

These steps will ensure that the website migration can be a success.

Start with the following basics.

  • Domain choice is the most important factor to influence the website migration. Here is a list of domains which can be very helpful in making the decision. These play an important role in the SEO ranking of the website.
    1.  .com, .org, .net are global top level domains (gTLDs) which are commanding in any country and search engines find these very interesting.
    2. .co.uk, .de is country code top level domains (ccTLDs) which are relevant to the respective countries and hence are not very good option from the global point of view.
    3. Sub Domains are not treated at par with the other domains and thus are not very good at attracting SEO.
    4. Sub Directories are also not very lucrative from reach ability point.
  • Web host choice can be done by evaluating the configurations. Cost, space and required configuration are the three major factors which decide the choice. Try to register your domain with third party so that in future if you decide to shift again, the process can be simple.
  • The new web host will require back up file. Mostly the websites are Static or Dynamic. As far as Static is concerned, the movement is simple because there is no change in the content. Simple copy the old file to the new web host.
    But for a Dynamic one, there has to be some changes. Transfer the data files to from the existing website to the new one. This is all about Word Press and tweaking will be required in the MySQL and PHP configuration.
  • Double check whether all the files and details have been shifted to the new site. Some domains or web hosts have the option of providing checking status of the website as a preview before it actually goes in the internet.
  • A very critical step is to check the DNS record. If this is not set right, then the visitor will not be directed to the required website and may show some error. It may take a couple of hours for the DNS record to be updated.
  • Contact the standby technical help team if any problem persists which the professional is unable to tackle. The technical staff is trained to take care of issues arising in such circumstances.
  • Be sure that the new website in responsive. This is because smart phones have become the widely used podium for online marketing. Thus the new website should be responsive irrespective of the screen it is opened in.
  • Using CMS templates is a simple cakewalk at times. It is less time consuming and almost 80% of the site navigation is planned according to the template. Rest 20% is easily manageable by the professional and the result can be an amazing website as expected.
  • Test the plug ins and make sure that it is compatible in the new site. The preview of the website will reveal the apps also which were running properly in the older website.

Evaluate all the points and there you go. Sorted!

The website goes in the internet with a new webhost and is able to fulfill the aspirations of the web developer. Mostly the sites are expected to draw traffic and when the generation of customer happens as per the requirement, and then consider that the effort has been fruitful. The website is considered a marketing tool in the recent years.

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